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INFLAMMOVE COX-2 Support Capsules 90/Bottle

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This unique formula relieves pain and swelling without unwanted side effects. COX-2

Enzymes, when overactive, show up as pain, joint damage, abnormal cell proliferation. Our COX-2 Support formula is a synergistic blend designed to balance the inflammation response and support healthy COX 2 activity.

We use standardized extracts from our ISO 9000 certified supplier - white willow, boswellia, tumeric, ginger, and devil's claw. We combine these with proven antioxidants and flavanoids found in green tea, grape seed extract, quercetin, rosemary leaf , bromelain, papain, and phellodendron bark (trademarked as Nexrutine) and Protykin.

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The Product

  • COX-2 Support's unique formulation controls the COX2 enzymes and balances their activity
  • Supports healthy inflammation response
  • Harpagosides in Devil's Claw are well documented in supporting healthy inflammatory response
  • White Willow contains natural Salicin - the original "aspirin"
  • Antioxidants support inflammatory related activity in numerous studies
  • Nexrutine (patent pending extract from the Phellodendron tree) is a unique anti-inflammatory for pain management. Clinical trials showed 79% effectiveness in avoiding or relieving general aches and pains, 250 mg per day
  • Protykin, trademarked by InterHealth is a a powerful antioxidant and protects heart health
  • Contains no added sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, corn, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Product Specifications

  • McGuff Item #00/8622
  • Count Size: 90 capsules per white HDPE bottle
  • Specification: capsule 3 per day
  • Tamper evident neckband and seal
  • Expiration date to guarantee freshness
  • We guarantee our supplements for purity and potency
  • Sold individually or in cases of 6 and 12 units

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